The United States of Israel

The United States of Israel

Along with all the memoriams and eulogies bestowed upon Arial Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel upon his prolonged demise, it is important to know the true character of this man and not only the half of it. On October 3, 2001, he announced: “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it.”

I am afraid he is right esp., today with regard to not only the Nuclear Free Iran Sanctions Negotiations, but the way they control our Government. There are at least 13 Senators and 26 Congressmen with dual Israeli Citizenship. Are they really members of the Knesset? Others in our Government including former Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, Janice Yellen and the addition of the new vice chairman Stanley Fischer, formerly, the Head of the Bank of Israel have dual loyalty to the US and Israel. I don’t think the American people realize this nor want to be subjugated to Israel or another country. Being Jewish or Muslim, Conservative, Liberal or Mormon et al, is not the Issue, It is the deception by our elected officials that can act in the interest of another country in a way diametrically opposed to the success of the peace talks with Iran. The American people do not want another war period. Eric Cantor, GOP House Majority Leader met on Wednesday Nov. 10, 2010 with Prime Minister Netanyahu, re: Huffington Post pledged his allegiance to Israel against America. Dual citizenship has become a detriment to our sovereignty. It makes up a disproportionate influence and power. Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Engels, Breshnev and Krushchev were responsible for the former downfall of the Soviet Union and today in the US Government with dual loyalities in the media, banking, academia and Zionist lobbying we have another parallel situation.

Israel has been the main instigator of False Flag pretexts that have influenced our so- called elected officials to have a primary loyalty to do another country’s bidding. This is treason in fact. False flag operations as Wikipedia defines it: are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations and other organizations which are designed
to appear as if they are being carried out by their opponents or enemies in order to justify retaliation. There has been cases where attacks were made on their own people.

Starting with the Bolshevik Revolution and the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family to the present and the trumped up crisis with Iran, there has been Jewish involvement. Even though a small minority in the former Russia, (5.5% and 2.2%) presently in the US, Israel is promoting it’s grand scheme to use a proxy to accomplish the fragmentation of the Middle East to expand it’s hegemony and territory. A classic example of numerous False Flag adventures to instigate a War and allow Israel to respond without being blamed is the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 when 34 Sailors were murdered and 170 wounded. This was during Israel’s 6 Day war and this was a spy ship equipped with all kinds of surveillance equipment. They decided to intentionally attack and sink the American ship, their ally. It was covered up for awhile and when found out. LBJ and Robert McNamara ordered Admiral Kidd to report it as “a mistaken identity. Most Americans and many Vets know nothing about this.

Again, 9 /11 is another disaster that has been obversely reported and covered up by our
media and a majority in our government who have been bought off and coersed by our Zionist controlled State. There’s an overwhelming amount of circumstantial connections, testimonial evidence and scientific analysis that the WTC and building 7 was a preplanned terrorist act pointing at the Israeli Mossad and others; but our mainstream media and AIPAC controlled Congress have denied and attacked the obvious conclusion of another False Flag provocation to draw the US into Iraq and Afganistan. The American people are paying for it all including the lives of our Soldiers as a surrogate for Israel.

The Fukashima disaster, 3.11.2011 is another one that has very compelling evidence of Israeli involvement. Israel is the main beneficiary of a Nuclear free Middle East. Netanyahu’s obsession to destroy all of Iran’s Nuclear facilities allows Israel to control and expand it’s territory in the Middle East without any resistance due to US suppliance. It so happened that Japan agreed to enrich uranium isotopes for Iran on 2.24.2010. . It was proven in 2003 that Iran had no WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) nor was it proceeding to do so. Even though Israel has stockpiled a large amount of nuclear warheads and missles, technology stolen from the US without interference. The Israeli firm Magna BSP ran the security at the Daichi Fukushima facility and established illegal internet links to the reactor cores controlled by Israeli security. A virus named Stuxnet was found in Fukushima that attacked Controller circuits. They used it a year earlier in Iran to sabotage their nuclear facilities.

Currently, we have a group of Congressmen that have introduced a Bill S1881 called the Nuclear Weapons Free Act of 2013. It was introduced by Kirk R-IL and Menendez D-NJ. This bill if passed will guarantee that our current peace negotiations with Iran will fail. It has provisions in it implemented by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and JDL (Jewish Defence League) plus some others.Saudi Arabia. It would
implement more sanctions in addition to the existing ones right during our negotiations that would effectively sabotage the the peace talks. It would prevent Iran from ever becoming politically independent and subject to Israeli hegemony. Netanyahu is trying to provoke another War. The US Congress is willingly going along with it as sychophants getting donations and contributions from AIPAC. See There you will see how much they have been given to do Israel’s bidding.


Ben Dangerfield